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“In all of scripture, no revelation provides the comprehensive vision of what the Father and the Son have done and will do for the salvation of humankind as that given to Lehi and Nephi in their visions of the Tree of Life.  Because they were well educated in the traditions of Israel, they would have understood God’s past and future involvement with his human children in terms of his covenant with Abraham, the law given to Moses renewing that covenant, and the blessings promised to Abraham’s descendants. After that vision, they were able to teach God’s plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ with a fullness and clarity that exceeds all other accounts.  So it is with the Tree of Life.”

- Noel Reynolds, Professor Emeritus BYU

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Narration Part 1
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Narration Part 2
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Your donation will bring The Tree of Life Vision to fruition.  Every dollar counts!

For parties desiring larger contributions or in sponsoring individual sculptures, please contact us at:

Christ is the Light of the World –Tree of Life Foundation is a Utah nonprofit corporation approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. We invite you to join us in testify of these truths to the world for generations to come.

“Many of us can still remember President Ezra Taft Benson’s invitation to the Saints to find various ways to present and deliver the message of the Book of Mormon to a world that desperately needs it. Some have written books, composed poetry, prepared musical compositions, or created dramatic presentations. Sister Angela Johnson has focused her artistic gifts on a sculptured panorama, The Tree of Life Vision.  It depicts significant scenes and amazing men and women within the Book of Mormon. My wife Shauna and I were absolutely thrilled and, at the same time, deeply moved by her masterful recreation. For us it was a reverential and faith-affirming encounter, one that I am certain will be experienced again and again by Latter-day Saints, as well as our friends of other faiths.  It is a must-see!”

- Robert L. Millet, Professor Emeritus BYU

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