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From the gifted hands of sculptor Angela Johnson comes a panoramic monumental work, The Tree of Life Vision that will have over 200 larger-than-life bronze figures. This vision given to Lehi and Nephi as recorded in The Book of Mormon, symbolically depicts our mortal journey and the central role of Jesus Christ as our merciful Savior.

To be located adjacent to The Light of the World Garden (which depicts 15 scenes from Christ’s life) at Ashton Gardens in Thanksgiving Point. This exhibit is complimentary in testifying of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Book of Mormon personalities come to life as masterful artistic sculptures evoke deep spiritual feelings and impressions.  The gamut of human emotion will be experienced as one views the horror, pain and anguish depicted in the great and spacious building.

Then hope and immense gratitude as one enters into the heart of The Tree of Life Vision, ascending several floors pondering beautifully sculpted scenes from Christ’s life, just as Nephi witnessed.  Anticipation will be felt as one views the path along the rod of iron, finally emerging at the summit to experience reverential awe witnessing the glorious Tree of Life and Jesus Christ who fills one’s soul with exceedingly great joy.

The Tree of Life Vision Sculpture Garden will testify to millions that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the World.  It will stand as a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Lehi, Sariah, Nephi and others will beckon us forward to hold fast to the iron rod.  Captain Moroni, Ammon and King Benjamin will inspire you onward to come unto Christ and partake of the fruit.  The love of God will fill your soul, instilling a desire to invite others to come and partake.

In order to bring this glorious vision to life, CHRIST IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD – TREE OF LIFE FOUNDATION has been formed.  Its purpose is:

  • To foster faith in Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, through a visual representation of the vision of the Tree of Life;

  • To provide an artistic religious experience where individuals can feel their Savior’s love;

  • To encourage meditative self-introspection about “What think ye of Christ?”

  • To educate individuals and groups about the plan of salvation as portrayed in the vision of the Tree of Life;

  • To create interest in and a spiritual witness of the religious record of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas as recorded in the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.


Christ is the Light of the World –Tree of Life Foundation is a Utah nonprofit corporation approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. We invite you to join us in testify of these truths to the world for generations to come.


Sandy & Brett Folkman

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We have been captivated by the monumental Tree of Life Vision exhibit created by Angela Johnson.  In the last several months we have developed a deep spiritual connection to Angela and been filled with reverential awe as we envision the impact this will have millions of God’s children, ours included.  We were led to Angela after a two-year search for a sculptor who could capture in bronze, the deep faith in Christ of our departed daughter Brooke and the healing He brought her in mortality.

Angela exceeded our expectations. The many hours we spent in her studio surrounded by The Tree of Life Vision, infused in us a deep desire to assist in bringing forth this creation which will testify to the world that Jesus is the Christ!  We were humbled when she invited us to serve as chairmen of this sacred endeavor.  We have been overcome by the Holy Ghost on many occasions as we ponder our lives journey and that of our loved ones in context of The Tree of Life Vision presentation.

As Nephi lamented “Oh wretched man that I am”, each one of us experience our own wilderness journey, struggling through the mists of darkness at times.  We also are pained as we watch loved ones experience unspeakable suffering as they fall into deceptions, as depicted in the great and spacious building.  Through the ministering of angels here and beyond, each one of us can come to the iron rod and partake of the fruit being filled with the love of God and Christ’s healing embrace.  We are as Sariah and Lehi, beckoning our children and grandchildren to come unto Christ and partake of the fruit which has filled us with unspeakable joy!  As we ponder the experience millions will have, we know with surety that God will speak uniquely to each individual as they experience the majesty of God’s plan of happiness as depicted in the Tree of Life Vision.

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